Nini Gridley

MoonWish CD & MP3

Practice the simple principles of the manifesting current of the chakras and connect with the sacred cycle of the Moon in this gentle guided meditation.

In the days of waning moonlight consider what you hope to attract; what you want to wish for. Plan to meditate with this recording as soon as possible (within 48 hours) after the time that the Moon is new. Check the New Moon date list or your calendar. Create safe and sacred space where you will not be disturbed and allow the meditation to lead you along the manifesting current of the chakras from top to bottom, Divine Spirit to matter, sky to Earth.

Afterwards write to yourself. Record your thoughts, plans and affirmation. You can strengthen the focus of your intention by placing the paper on your altar or under a meditation candle. Then wait, watch and observe your dreams, intuitions and synchronicities. Notice any changes as the Moon's light grows. Over time you will see the Universe responding and your wishes coming true. Be thankful!


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MoonWish Meditation MP3

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